Optimized Geologic Carbon Storage

56th US Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium

The EASY GEO-CARBON team presents its research at ARMA Conference.

Dario Sciandra presents his work on hydromechanical characterization of rock in the context of in-situ experiments at Underground Rock Laboratories (URLs) at the 56th US Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium, in Santa Fe, New Mexico:

Sciandra, D., Kivi, I. R., Vilarrasa, V., Makhnenko, R., Jaeggi, M. and Rebscher, D., 2022. A three-dimensional hydro-mechanical modeling of shaly caprock for the CO2 long-term periodic injection experiment (CO2LPIE). ARMA 2246 (704) | Interdiciplinary Session.

The CO2 Long-term Periodic ‎Injection Experiment (CO2LPIE) at the Swiss Mont Terri URL is planned to inject gaseous CO2 into ‎Opalinus Clay, which is widely considered as a representative caprock for underground storage. The primary goal of this experiment is to assess the sealing capacity of clay-rich shales for CO2 storage. Through numerical simulations of the ‎CO2LPIE, we predict the hydromechanical behavior of the rock and assist in designing the experiment.

ARMA 2022

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